Our principal investigators


Professors Kate Bushby, Hanns Lochmüller, Volker Straub and Rita Horvath lead the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre and hold joint appointments between Newcastle University and the NHS. With over 160 publications in the last three years, their time is split between research and clinical commitments, with a focus on neuromuscular disease, and they provide leadership across the five strands of the centre.


Kate Bushby
Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Rita Horvath
Professor of Neurogenetics
Hanns Lochmüller
Professor of Experimental Myology Consultant in Neuromuscular Genetics
Volker Straub
Harold Macmillan Professor of Medicine Consultant in Neuromuscular Genetics and Paediatrics


The following colleagues represent each of the strands of activity in the Centre:

Clinical care: Dr Chiara Marini Bettolo

Diagnostics: Dr Rita Barresi

Basic research: Dr Andreas Roos 

Clinical research: Dr Michela Guglieri

Networks & collaboration: Emma Heslop


In addition, important supporting activities are coordinated by the following:

Finance and human resources: Emma Heslop

Communications: Cathy Turner