Specialist care advisor

Specialist Neuromuscular Care Advisor, Joe Mason, is based with a dedicated team of professionals at The John Walton Neuromuscular Research Centre, Institute of Genetic Medicine, International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Joe is employed by Newcastle NHS Trust and he supports people of all ages living with neuromuscular conditions across the Northern region, as well as patients who are visiting our clinic from outside of the area.

Specialist Care Advisors come from a Health and Social care professional background. Joe is an Allied Health Professional Occupational Therapist with over thirty years’ experience.

Patients and families can meet with Joe when they attend clinic. He is also available for telephone consultations and is willing to undertake home visits where it is appropriate to do so.

In addition, Joe supports local community services and teams across the region. This includes providing professional reports and letters of support, attending multi-disciplinary team meetings, supporting continuing healthcare assessments and any vocational needs which are raised through school, college and university and within an individual s employment organisation.

Joe can also offer advisory and signposting services for essential disability benefit assessments such as Personal Independence Payment and Disabled Persons Blue Badge scheme.

Joe can become involved in supporting people during key stages of their life. This may include planning for major housing adaptations and equipment resources, complex health and community care needs, transition from child to adult medical care, independent living skills and education health and care plans and work based assessments.

An important aspect of the role is associated with information and training to other professional partner organisations. Joe raises awareness of neuromuscular conditions by supporting other professionals such as therapists, teachers, employers and care agencies.

Joe is most willing to discuss any aspect of an individual’s health and well-being. It is vital that the physical, psychological and social needs are all addressed throughout the life of a person living with a potentially life limiting or weakening condition.

Specialist Neuromuscular Care Advisor

Mr Joe Mason BSc(HONS) DipCot

Tel : 0191 241 8761