Further detailed investigations often follow the clinical consultation. We may arrange blood tests, genetic tests, a muscle MRI to look at you muscles with a scanner, or a muscle biopsy to look at piece of your muscle under the microscope. Sometimes a skin biopsy is also required to achieve a diagnosis. We may also ask you whether other family members would be willing to give a blood sample in order to help confirm any suspected diagnosis.

Results discussion

The outcome of any clinical consultation and results of investigations will be considered and discussed within our team of multidisciplinary experts. Your GP will be informed about any results and we may ask you back to clinic to discuss these in more detail.

Return visits

We might ask you to come back to discuss your results with the medical team. If another physiotherapy appointment is needed, this will be arranged. We will then offer you a follow-up appointment to see you every 6-12 months depending on your particular needs.