Consultants and doctors

At a clinic appointment you will meet one of our Consultants – Prof K. Bushby, V. Straub, R. Horvath or Dr M. Guglieri. You may also meet other doctors who are part of our team, as well as visiting or training doctors. Our clinics are multidisciplinary and you will undergo a comprehensive assessment in order that we can give a specialised diagnosis and advice. Further tests and investigations will also be arranged that are relevant to your condition and you will be updated with any results. Following a clinical appointment you and your GP and other medical professionals involved in your care will receive a letter with a summary of the clinical consultation.

You will also receive a John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre contact sheet with key names, email addresses and phone numbers for members of the team.

Ongoing follow up is offered to all patients if appropriate. For patients with no genetic diagnosis, genetic testing is performed depending on the clinical features (phenotype) in order to try to achieve this.


Professor Kate Bushby
Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics
Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Professor Volker Straub
The Harold Macmillan Chair of Medicine
Consultant in Neuromuscular Genetics and Paediatrics
Dr Michela Guglieri
Honorary Consultant in Neuromuscular Genetics
Senior Research Associate – Clinical Trials
Dr Teresinha Evangelista
Clinical Research Associate
Dr Marta Bertoli
Clinical Research Associate – Clinical Trials
Dr Elizabeth Harris
Clinical Research Associate – MDUK Fellow
Dr Eugen Strehle
Honorary Consultant in Neuromuscular Genetics
Dr Chiara Marini Bettolo
Specialty Trust Doctor