In clinic, you will meet one of our specialist neuromuscular physiotherapists who will undertake a comprehensive physical assessment. This may be during an initial visit to our diagnostic clinic, or follow up visit at one of our adult or paediatric clinics.

The assessment may look at your muscle strength, functional ability, i.e. what you are able to do for yourself such as getting into standing or bringing a cup to your mouth and respiratory function – strength of breathing muscles. The format of this assessment will vary based on your presenting needs.

  • Spirometry – Assessment of respiratory function to measure how strong your breathing muscles are
  • Manual Muscle Testing – To test specifically the strength of different muscle groups
  • Your physical abilities such as walking or arm function as observed in clinic or based on questions asked in clinic
  • Any specific concerns related to your physical mobility

The physiotherapist will be able to advise you on appropriate exercise, postural management, supportive equipment and orthotic needs, wheelchair specifications and access to local services. Our role is to help you better manage the limitations of your muscle disease and minimize its impact on your daily life through direct contact with you and working with your local team.


Dr Anna Mayhew
Consultant Research Physiotherapist
Robert Muni Lofra
Consultant Physiotherapist
Michelle McCallum
Physiotherapy Technical Instructor
Meredith James
Research physiotherapist
Dionne Moat
Research physiotherapist
Jassi Sodhi
Research physiotherapist
Mark Richardson
Research physiotherapist
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