Outcome of the British EU referendum

27 July 2016

The outcome of the British EU referendum makes this a sad day for the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre, for research and education in the UK and for British patients with rare diseases.

A lot of our successes over the past 10 years were and are based on fruitful and enjoyable collaborations with colleagues from all the EU member states. Many of our translational research projects have either been directly funded by the European Union or by patient organisations from EU countries.

We highly value our collaborations with centres in the EU, which resulted in an improved understanding of neuromuscular diseases, more accurate diagnoses and better care for patients across the EU. Beside these achievements, other very important outcomes of our collaborative projects have been the establishment of trust, respect and friendships among people working together.

The outcome of the British EU referendum will not affect these accomplishments and it goes without saying that we will continue to work together across borders.